ApoBrdU-IHC DNA Fragmentation Assay Kit

NameApoBrdU-IHC DNA Fragmentation Assay Kit
Price€ 702.00
Size50 assays
Catalog numberK403-50
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Kit's descriptionInternucleosomal DNA fragmentation is a hallmark of apoptosis in mammalian cells. BioVision’s Apo-BrdU-IHCTM Kit is a two-color TUNEL (Terminal deoxynucleotide transferase dUTP Nick End Labeling) assay for labeling DNA breaks to detect apoptotic cells by immunohistochemistry. The kit contains positive/negative control slides for assessing reagent performance; reaction and blocking buffers for processing individual steps in the assay; proteinase K; terminal deoxynucleotidyl tranferase enzyme (TdT), bromodeoxyuridine triphosphate (Br-dUTP), biotin labeled antiBrdU antibody for labeling DNA breaks, horseradish peroxidase streptavidin conjugate, DAB, H₂O₂/Urea tablets for color generation and methyl green solution for counter staining the cells.
Highlights• Species reactivity: Mammalian • Applications: The TUNEL:based immunohistochemical staining kit provides complete reagents including positive and negative control slides for convenient detection of DNA fragmentation
Kit's benefits• Simple procedure; convenient • The assay is sensitive and stable • The assay offers an one-step labeling of apoptotic cells.
CategoryTUNEL Assay
Kit's other namenone
Contents• Control Slides-pos/neg • Blocking Buffer • H₂O₂/Urea Tablets • Protease K • DAB Tablets • TdT Enzymes • Br-dUTP • 200X Conjugate • 5X Reaction Buffer • Anti-BrdU-Biotin Antibody • Methyl Green
Storage condition-20°C
Shipping conditiongel pack
Maximum time can be stored12 months
Species reactivitysee datasheet
Samples testedTissue sections and fixed cell preparations
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