EZClick TUNEL – in situ DNA Fragmentation/Apoptosis Assay Kit

NameEZClick TUNEL – in situ DNA Fragmentation/Apoptosis Assay Kit
Price€ 575.00
Size100 assays
Catalog numberK191-100
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Storage Conditions-20°C
Tag LineNon-antibody based assay for the detection of apoptotic cells
Shipping ConditionsGel Pack
Shelf life12 months
Species ReactivityAll
ApplicationsDetection of DNA fragmentation during apoptosis and programmed cell death,Evaluating effects of anti-cancer drugs and genotoxic agents on DNA structure,Screening for genotoxic compounds and effectors of DNA integrity and cellular changes,In-situ studies of apoptosis and programmed cell death
Sample TypeCell culture
DescriptionThis 1 is suited for programmed cell-death studies.
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