NanoGram DNA Assay Reagent

NameNanoGram DNA Assay Reagent
Price€ 310.00
Size500 assays
Catalog numberNDA500-500
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Full descriptionNanoGram DNA Assay Reagent includes 5 ml of 10 x Reagent D. It is for 2000 assays using 384-well plates or 500 assays using 96-well plates. Cuvettes may also be used for the assay.
Partial descriptionReagent for DNA concentration measurement, 500 assays
Product typeconcentration measurement
Shipped to youThis product is shipped to you frozen
OrderingProduct made-to-order. Delivery is 1-2 weeks upon order confirmation. Please contact us to check the current inventory stock. For larger or bulk quantity a discount may apply.
PrecautionsFor Research Use Only. Produced in USA
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