S. aureus Gyrase DNA Supercoiling Assay Plus

NameS. aureus Gyrase DNA Supercoiling Assay Plus
Price€ 1039.00
Size100 assays
Catalog numberDSA100KSE-100
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Full descriptionS. aureus Gyrase DNA Supercoiling Assay Plus includes 500 µl of 10 x Buffer T2, 410 µl of 10 x relaxed DNA, 22 µl of 1500 x H19 dye, 450 µl of 10 x ATP, 43 µl 7.5 uM S. aureus gyrase, 820 µl of 2 M potassium glutamate and 3000 µl of 10 x H19 dilution buffer. It is for 100 assays in a 96-well plate format.
Partial descriptionReagents for fluorescence-based 384-well or 96-well assays of S. aureus gyrase DNA supercoiling activity, 100 assays
Product typeBacterial DNA topoisomerases and assays
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PrecautionsFor Research Use Only. Produced in USA
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