Gel-Based Human Topoisomerase I DNA relaxation Assay Kit

Name Gel-Based Human Topoisomerase I DNA relaxation Assay Kit
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Size 100 assays
Catalog number GHRA100KE-100
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Full description Gel-Based Human Topoisomerase I DNA relaxation Assay Kit includes all the reagents for 100 samples in gel-based assays of human topo I DNA relaxation activity. It includes 400 µl of 10 x Buffer HT1, 100 µl of 125 mg/ml supercoiled DNA, 550 µl of 5 x Gel loading buffer and 10 µl of 100 U/µl human topoisomerase I enzyme.
Partial description Reagents for gel-based human topoisomerase I DNA relaxation activity, 100 assays
Product type human topoisomerases and assays
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Precautions For Research Use Only. Produced in USA
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